Cambridge Nationals for first teaching 2022

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Practical, accessible, fun to teach and exciting to learn, Cambridge Nationals will inspire your students to develop real-world skills to prepare them for their future.

Included on the key stage 4 performance tables for England for 2024, our redeveloped Cambridge Nationals are Technical Award qualifications for 14-16 year old for first teaching September 2022.

To help you get started, we've a range of resources for you to download including the approved specifications, SAM's, mapping and switching guides, curriculum planners, schemes of work and an e-learning module.

Cambridge Nationals Showcases

Have you attended a showcase for our redeveloped Cambridge National qualifications? If not, there's still time. We've events by subject running throughout June - book your place today.

During the event, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • discover more about the approved specification and assessment
  • hear all about the support, textbooks and resources available
  • have your questions answered by Subject Experts

Cambridge University Press and Hodder Education will also be at the events, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet and discuss their resources with them.

Book your place

Please note - these are not CPD events. If you'd like to understand these qualifications in more depth or are looking to prepare for your delivery check out the various Professional Development courses we have available including First Teaching sessions.

Redeveloped Cambridge Nationals Specifications and SAMs

In response to the new approach to regulating Technical Award qualifications for 14-16 year olds, we took the opportunity to look at how we could apply these new rules alongside reviewing the content and design of our specifications with the help and input from teachers and other stakeholders.

You can download our approved specifications for a look at any changes to topic areas and our approach to terminal assessment.  You can also download our sample assessment materials (SAMs) for both examined and non-examined (NEA) units.

Approved Child Dev thumbnail

Cambridge National in Child Development

Download spec

Download SAMs

Approved iMedia thumbnail

Cambridge National in Creative iMedia

Download spec

Download SAMs

Approved Eng Design Thumbnail

Cambridge National in Engineering Design

Download spec

Download SAMs

Approved Eng Manufacture thumbnail

Cambridge National in Engineering Manufacture

Download spec

Download SAMs

Approved Programmable systems thumbnail

Cambridge National in Engineering Programmable Systems

Download spec

Download SAMs

Approved Ent & Mkng Thumbnail

Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing

Download spec

Download SAMs

Approved H&SC thumbnail

Cambridge National in Health and Social Care

Download spec

Download SAMs

Approved IT Thumbnail

Cambridge National in IT                         

Download spec

Download SAMs

Approved Sport Science Thumbnail

Cambridge National in Sport Science

Download spec

Download SAMs

Approved Sport Studies thumbnail

Cambridge National in Sport Studies

Download spec

Download SAMs

Once you've had the opportunity to take a look at the specifications, we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Take the survey

Guides and resources

We’ve guides and a short on-line course for all our Redeveloped Cambridge National subjects to help you understand the qualifications so you can start preparing and teaching. They include:

View Guides/Resources

Open days and options discussions

Do you have open days and option discussions coming up? Whether they're face to face or online, we've a toolkit for each of the subjects which you can either download or order.  Each pack comprises:

  •  Cambridge Nationals Student and Parents Guide 
  •  What is a Cambridge Nationals leaflet
  •  Course content leaflet
  •  Course content poster
  •  Careers poster


Download or order toolkit

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If you have any questions about our redeveloped qualifications, our advisors are here to help. You can contact them on 01223 553998 or by email: support

If you've already made your decision to teach a redeveloped Cambridge National, we're looking forward to working with you. To help us support you, please let us know by completing a Teach with OCR form.