New English and maths Functional Skills for September 2019

NEW OCR Functional Skills qualifications

Choose something new, Choose OCR.

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new draft Functional Skills English and maths qualifications at Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 for September 2019.

Functional Skills qualifications develop practical skills that support students in education, work and everyday life by developing confidence, independence and fluency in their literacy and numeracy skills.

Our qualifications have been created for 16-19 year olds and designed for Further Education colleges to deliver and manage easily:

  • Assessments are universally accessible with relevant contexts for 16-19 year olds - students understand what is required of them and aren't disadvantaged.
  • Assessments are available on-demand – students can be entered 5 days before the exam and resit as soon as they have their results.
  • Results are turned around in up to 7 days.
  • Assessments are available as paper-based and computer-based.
  • Comprehensive support that follows your students’ journey from enrolment to certification, including:
    • Mapping documents
    • Sample Assessment Materials (SAMs) and practice papers
    • ExamBuilder – our mock and practice test creator tool
    • CPD and training specific to post-16 students
    • Feedback on student’s results

Discover our new qualifications in full - Download the draft Qualification Handbooks below now.

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New Qualification Handbooks

Check out the specifications of our new English and maths Functional Skills qualifications.  Download the draft handbooks now.

English Handbooks   Maths Handbooks

Sample Assessment Materials

Discover our approach to Functional Skills assessment. Download our draft Functional Skills Sample Assessment Materials (SAMs) now.

English SAMs   Maths SAMs

Mapping Documents

Want to know how our new Functional Skills qualifications map against existing qualifications and Adult Core Curriculum? Download our mapping documents now.

English Mapping   Maths Mapping

Free webinars and CPD training

We are offering a number of free webinars and face to face CPD events, in the lead up to September 2019, to help you prepare for the new qualifications. Book now.

English  CPD    Maths  CPD