Join our live online Natural History consultation launch - 4 June 2020

We are launching a consultation in response to the call for developing a GCSE in Natural History.  Last year naturalist Mary Colwell who had been spearheading a campaign to address this gap in education content approached us and since then we have been working closely with Mary, the Natural History Museum and many others to understand the purpose and themes of such a qualification.

As a key advocate for education and environmental issues, we would like to invite you to contribute to our consultation. The consultation opens on Thursday 4 June 2020 with a live one-hour online session. The session will not only explain our thinking on the proposal so far but, most importantly, provide you with an opportunity to tell us your thoughts too. At the session, you will also hear from champions of natural history and the environment including Beth Stone of the Natural History Museum, Dom Higgins of The Wildlife Trusts and young advocates for the subject from Teach the Future.

This consultation is an important step in helping to shape early thinking about what a GCSE in Natural History might look like. It starts by seeking your views on the purpose of Natural History – what Natural History is – before going on to explore which key themes such as conservation, the early world, and the study of flora and fauna should be included in a GCSE in Natural History.

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OCR's development of a GCSE in natural history is discussed by Jill Duffy, OCR Chief Executive and Tim Oates, Cambridge Assessment Director of Assessment Research and Development.

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