"The Field Studies Council is hugely supportive of the Natural History GCSE consultation.   With so many global challenges, the Natural History GCSE gives us an opportunity to focus on the diverse world around us and how this is changing.  Engaging in this conversation now is so critical to ensure the next generation have the skills and understanding to fully embrace the world we live in." - Simon Ward, Head of Group (East) Field Studies Council (FSC)

"This consultation is a critical step in the development of a new GCSE which is sure to play an important part in a movement towards the Linnean Society’s vision of a world where nature is increasingly understood, valued and protected." - Joe Burton, Education & Public Engagement Manager, Linnean Society of London

We're delighted the following organisations are supporting the launch of our consultation into creating a Natural History GCSE.

BBC_Studios_LP_300x170 CMA_LP_300x170
BBC Studios Countryside Management Assocaition
ESP_LP_300x170 Eco-School_LP_300x170
Eastbourne Schools Partnership Eco-Schools
Eden_Project_LP_300x170 FSC_LP_300x170
Eden Project Field Studies Council
Linnean_society_LP_300x170 NAEE_LP_300x170
The Linnean Society National Association for Environmental Education
NHM_LP_300x170 NUS_LP_300x170
National History Museum National Union of Students
RHS_LP_300x170 Siemens_LP_300x170
Royal Horticultural Society Siemens
SOS_LP_300x170 Student_Room_LP_300x170
Students Organising for Sustainability The Student Room
USW_LP_300x170 Wildlife_trust_LP_300x170
University of South Wales | Prifysgol De Cymru The WildLife Trusts

If your organisation would like to be included as a supporter, please get in touch: NaturalHistory@ocr.org.uk

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