Cambridge Technicals - Sport

Cambridge Technicals - Sport

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Cambridge Technicals are vocational qualifications at Level 2 and Level 3 for students aged 16+. They can be offered alongside A Levels as part of a balanced curriculum. 


Changes to funding

In July 2019 the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) published it's list of qualifications where funding is being withdrawn in England. This includes 24 of our non-examined assessment Level 3 Cambridge Technicals (2012). 

Full list of affected non-examined assessment Level 3 2012 Cambridge Technicals.

OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Sport non-examined qualifications WILL continue to be funded beyond August 2020.  This means if you’re currently teaching our non-examined qualifications you can continue to do so. Centres currently offering BTEC 2010 Level 3 in Sport and Sport and Exercise Sciences will be able to continue offering non-examined Level 3 Sports qualifications with OCR.

 All externally examined Cambridge Technicals qualifications are unaffected by the funding change.

We have no plans at present to withdraw any of our 2012 Cambridge Technicals qualifications since they are used across the UK. We’ll help you to identify your options, including moving to the 2016 Cambridge Technicals.

What are my options?

If you're currently delivering non-examined Cambridge Technicals (2012) or the equivalent BTECs in sport and want to continue to offer non-examined Level 3 recognised vocational qualifications as part of a study programme, you can do so with the qualifications below:

 Qualification Qual. No GLH
 Level 3 Cambridge Technical Subsidiary Diploma in Sport 6006142 540
 Level 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in Sport 6006141 720
 Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Diploma in Sport 6006144 1080

If you  currently deliver either of the non-examined qualifications below or their BTEC equivalents, its easy to move to our examined Level 3 sport qualifications. See your options below:

Type  De-funded qualification Qual. No GLH

 Move to  Qual. No GLH
Applied General  Level 3 Cambridge Technical Certificate in Sport 60061406 180  Level 3 Cambridge Technical Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity 60170931 180
Applied General  Level 3 Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in Sport 60061431 360  Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity 60170943 360

GLH = Guided Learning Hours

For more information download our transition document:

What's different?  What's the same?

Our mapping guide lists the 2012 Cambridge Technicals Units and Learning Outcomes (LO) and maps them to the 2016 Cambridge Technicals Units and Learning Outcomes. Use the guide to see where each learning outcome has remained, changed, moved or been removed.

We’ve also identified where the 2010 BTEC units map to the Cambridge Technicals 2012 and 2016 units.

Why choose OCR?

Your next steps


Assessment support

We’ve got a range of assessment support to help you with your exam preparations. You'll find everything from practice papers and mark schemes to candidate exemplars (with examiner notes) and Sample Assessment Materials plus much more: 

Want to find out more about Cambridge Technicals assessment admin?  Check out our guide and FAQs.

Teaching and learning resources

Our Cambridge Technicals suite of qualifications is supported by a range of FREE teaching resources that'll help prepare for your teaching year. Use our resources to plan your lessons and inspire your students' learning. Download them from the relevant qualification webpage.

Professional Development and training

Open days and parents evenings

Perfect for your classroom, open days, parents evening and options consultations, our eye-catching posters are a perfect way to promote the courses on offer to students and parents. We have a poster for each qualification, download them all now.

Our 'Making the right choices' guide supports parents and students when making their vocational qualification choices.  Like our posters the guide is great for open days, parents evenings and option consultations. #lifegoals



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