Introducing OCR's NEW A Level in Sociology for expected first teach September 2025*

We're currently working with the regulator to have our exciting new specification accredited and ready for an anticipated first teach from September 2025*.  

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*Subject to accreditation
Watch as Sociology Subject Advisor, Tom Genillard, introduces our redeveloped A Level in Sociology.

What's new...

✅ We’re redeveloping our A Level Sociology specification to cover the topics we know your students love as well as some exciting new content that is unique to A Level Sociology qualifications.


✅ We’ve simplified the assessment and reduced the content, allowing students to showcase their knowledge and understanding.


✅ With our comprehensive support package, we've ensured that the course is accessible to all and you can feel confident in teaching it.


📝 Read our blog, where Subject Advisor Tom Genillard explains the key areas of our new A Level specification, including the changes in assessment models and an overview of our contemporary qualification.

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