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Welcome to the November edition of Total Maths

Welcome to the latest edition of Total Maths. We’re past half-term now and into the final run before Christmas. To support you in your delivery, please read on for the latest updates to the world of maths qualifications.

If you have any questions or feedback, then please contact us. We’re here to support you as you prepare to teach and deliver our qualifications.
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Total Maths Newsletter - November
November 2018 GCSE (9-1) Mathematics
Maths - November 2018 GCSE

The November 2018 series timetable and key dates are available from the OCR website. GCSE (9-1) Mathematics assessments take place on Tuesday 6 November morning (calculator), Thursday 8 November morning (non-calculator) and Monday 12 November morning (calculator).

Question papers will be available to download from Interchange shortly after they are sat, with mark schemes then being published on results day (Wednesday 16 January 2019 to centres, Thursday 17 January 2019 to candidates). If you would like to know more about how we mark and grade exams, take a look at our Explaining Examining page.

View the exam timetables

New A Level Maths Practice Papers – set 3

Complete sets of brand new Practice Papers for A Level Mathematics A (H240) and A Level Mathematics B (MEI) (H640) are now available on InterchangeNew sets of Practice Papers for A Level Further Mathematics A (H245) and A Level Further Mathematics B (MEI) (H645) are now being published also.

Maths - practice papers

All papers contain entirely new material written specifically for these new qualifications. For more information and direct links to the practice papers, please see our Practice Papers blog.

Download the practice papers

New A Level Maths and Further Maths resources
Maths - resources

The first of our A Level Maths Summer 2018 Exemplar Candidate Work resources can be downloaded now from the A Level Mathematics A and Mathematics B (MEI) 'Assessment' webpages. More of these resources will be published soon.

A new ‘Core Pure: Series’ Delivery Guide has been published for A Level Further Mathematics B (MEI).

Download the resources

2018-2019 CPD now online

2018/19 CPD Training courses are now available to book on our CPD Hub. This includes online webinars and face to face training for A Level, Core Maths, Additional Maths (FSMQ), GCSE and Entry Level.

Maths - CPD

If you deliver or are interested in the redevelopment of Functional Skills qualifications then we have some free webinars coming up focussing on those, which will introduce the new content and assessment requirements.

Book your place now

Further Pure with Technology option
Maths - Further Pure

Further Pure with Technology (FPT) is an A Level Further Mathematics B (MEI) minor option that can be studied alongside (or after) studying the Core Pure element of A Level Further Mathematics. It involves the use of a graph plotter, spreadsheet, Computer Algebra System and programming language in the teaching, learning and assessment.

Both AS and A Level Further Mathematics A and Further Mathematics B (MEI) allow students to take additional options (with the candidate’s combination of papers that result in the best grade being used), so FPT could be offered as an additional option to A Level Further Mathematics B (MEI) students. MEI is also offering a free online course for students in the spring term aimed at centres that want to offer it, but are not able to teach it themselves.

View the course here

High Wycombe Maths Teacher Network

If you’d like to network with maths teachers around High Wycombe while learning about how the summer 2018 first assessments of the redeveloped A Level Mathematics qualifications went, come along to our network on
High Wycombe Thursday 22 November

Maths - Teacher Networks

It’ll be held at Wycombe High School and in addition to the A Level series review will feature updates on a range of maths qualifications.

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