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Spring into the new term
Welcome to the first 2020 edition of Total Maths

We hope you had a fantastic time over the holiday period and that the new term is getting off to a great start. To support you this spring, visit our new 'spring into the new term' support page to get links to a number of resources helpfully collated together.

Please remember that the entries deadline for the summer 2020 assessment series is next month, Friday 21 February.

Are you heading out to any upcoming conferences? We’ll be at the Boolean Maths Hub Conference (Bristol, 18 Jan) and the Mathematics Mastery Conference (London, 3 Feb) in the next few weeks, so if you’re going we’ll see you there.

We'll also be on the road this term for our Spring Teacher Networks. We're running six around the country and hope you can join us.

Wishing you a great start to the new term.

Neil, Caroline, Steven and Ruth - your OCR Maths Subject Advisors
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GCSE (9-1) Maths November series
GCSE (9-1) Maths November series

Question papers, final mark schemes, analysis grids and examiners’ reports are now available for the November 2019 series, via Interchange - please keep these secure so others can use them as mock assessments through the upcoming year.

Our Getting your results webpage can be shared with students and contains lots of helpful information about results day for all.

Our post-results service webpage has all the information you need if you have a concern about a result, including our very helpful ‘Post-results – which service do you need?’ flowchart.

View Nov 2019 series

Have your say - GCSE (9-1) Maths survey

We'd like to better understand how you use our GCSE (9-1) Maths specification and find out more about your students’ exam experience.

To do so we'd like to invite you to complete our short survey.

Complete survey

GCSE Maths Survey
A Level Further Maths A Professional Development
A Level Further Maths A Professional Development

Coming up we have a number of exam feedback webinars for AS and A Level Further Maths A (H235/H245).

During these 1-hour webinars we’ll examine student performance, identify common mistakes and misconceptions as well as discuss methods to address these to help you improve your future candidates’ performance.

The webinars cover the compulsory Pure content, plus individual content options available.

Upcoming A Level Professional Development

Functional Skills Professional Development

In early 2020 we have a number of completely free Functional Skills Professional Development courses running.

Developed by MEI, 'How to reengage disengaged students in Functional Skills Mathematics' will help you target engagement issues with students, leading to improved performance.

Functional Skills maths Professional Development

'Everything you Need to Know to Get Started with Functional Skills Mathematics' leads you through the recent qualification changes, covering the new content, non-calculator skills & problem solving.

There’s also another one of our Q&A webinars running on Thursday 23 January. Sign up to ask about any aspects of these assessments.

Upcoming Functional Skills Professional Development

How to understand the updated mark schemes for Entry Level Mathematics
Entry Level Maths Professional Development

On Thursday 12 March we have an Entry Level Mathematics (R449) 'Understanding the Assessment' webinar based on the updated mark schemes.

Maths Subject Advisor Caroline Hodgson will lead you through the updated mark schemes for Entry Level Mathematics (R449) and how to apply these for the Written Tests.

You'll be able to engage and ask questions so that you can confidently mark the internal assessment.

Upcoming Entry Level Professional Development

GCSE (9-1) Mathematics Professional Development

We have some webinars supporting you with GCSE (9-1) Mathematics coming up.

Whether you’re experienced with the qualification, are new to it or thinking of moving to us, our free ‘Everything you Need to Know to Get Started with GCSE (9-1) Mathematics’ webinar supports you by covering the basics of the qualification and how our OCR qualification differs from others’, as well as looking at recent results data and grade boundaries.

GCSE maths professional development

Our ‘Understanding the Assessment: Exams Feedback for GCSE (9-1) Mathematics’ webinar goes in depth into how students have performed in the series to date, taking a look at how students have performed in the different aspects of the qualification and suggesting teaching ideas to improve performance.

Upcoming GCSE Professional Development