In June 2020, we launched a consultation in response to the call for developing a GCSE in Natural History.

The consultation was an important step in helping to shape early thinking about what a GCSE in Natural History might look like. We started by seeking views on the purpose of Natural History – what Natural History is – before going on to explore what key themes such as conservation, the early world, and the study of flora and fauna should be included in a qualification. Additionally we were also interested in the practicalities and the importance of observing nature in real situations outside the classroom.

We had a huge response to the consultation, which closed on 19th July 2020, with over 2,000 responses, including over 200 responses from young people. We'll use the results of the consultation to build our proposal to the Department for Education (DfE) for developing a GCSE in Natural History.

Below is a summary of the consultation findings.

Consultation Summary of Findings

Download Summary of Findings Report   Download Summary of Findings Infographic

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