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Art & Design - Child Development - CitizenshipComputer Science - Creative iMedia - Drama - Design & Technology - Economics Engineering - EnglishEnterprise & MarketingFilm Studies - Food Preparation & Nutrition - Geography - HistoryHealth and Social Care - IT  - Maths - Media StudiesMusic - Performing Arts - Physical EducationPsychology - Religious Studies - Science - Sociology - Sport


Applied Science

 Cambridge Technicals Applied Science Wednesday 3 July Online

Art & Design

More dates coming soon

Child Development

More dates coming soon


GCSE Citizenship Studies Thursday 6 June Online

Computer Science

GCSE Computer Science Wednesday 24 April Online

Creative iMedia

Cambridge Nationals iMedia  Thursday 11 July Online

Digital media

Cambridge Technical in Digital media Thursday 18 April Online


A level & GCSE Drama Wednesday 24 April Online

Design and Technology

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More dates coming soon


 More dates coming soon


A level & GCSE English Language Wednesday 1 May 2024 Online

Enterprise & Marketing

More dates coming soon

Extended Project

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Film Studies

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Food Preparation and Nutrition

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GCSE (9-1) Geography Wednesday 12 June Online   A level Geography Wednesday 19 June Online


A level History - African Kingdoms Wednesday 3 July 2024 University of Bristol

Health and Social Care

Cambridge Nationals Health & Social Care and Child Development Monday 15 July 2024 Online  Cambridge Technicals Health and Social Care Tuesday 16 July Online


Cambridge Nationals IT Thursday 18 April Online   Cambridge Nationals IT Wednesday 3 July Online


A level Maths Thursday 25 April Online   A Level Further Mathematics  Thursday 2 May 2024  Online   Level 3 FSMQ Additional Maths Thursday 9 May 2024 Online GCSE Maths Wednesday 10 July 2024 Online

Media Studies

More dates coming soon


A level & GCSE Music Monday 22 April Online  GCSE Music Wednesday 12 June Online

Performing Arts

Cambridge Technicals Performing Arts Wednesday June 19 2024 The Lighthouse, Poole

Physical Education

A level and GCSE Physical Education Thursday 11 July Online


A level Psychology Wednesday 27 June Online  GCSE Psychology Wednesday 3 July Online

Religious Studies

GCSE Religious Studies Tuesday 2/07/2024 Online   A Level Religious Studies  Wednesday 10 July Online


GCSE, A level and Entry Level Science Thursday 27 June 2024 Online   Science (Face to Face) Thursday 4 July 2024 Farnham College


A Level Sociology Wednesday 19 June  Online


Cambridge Technicals & Cambridge Nationals Sport Monday 08 July Online