Teaching and Learning when School Returns

Teaching and learning when school returns

Teaching and learning support for teachers of the new Year 11 and Year 13

As your incoming Year 11 and Year 13 students return to school, we know you are concerned about how you can make up for lost time and replan to make sure they will be prepared for exams in summer 2021.

We’ve put together a range of resources to help you prepare in these unprecedented times - and we’ll continue to update these pages to provide you with more guidance as decisions are made about next year’s exams.

Preparing for the transition back to school

Our colleagues at Cambridge International have published a series of webinars to support some of the lesser considered challenges at this time:

Transitioning back to school - a social-emotional perspective

Supporting learners with special education needs online

Prioritising wellbeing in a time of disruption and transition.

What support is coming up?

We've published Subject Support Highlights resources for most specifications and for some subjects, we'll also be releasing:

  • Topic tests
  • Student exam hints
  • Revision checklists
  • Enhanced schemes of work

We'll be be supporting you further through the autumn, as you prepare for mock exams with your students, so watch out for more resources including blogs and webinars from our Subject Advisor team.

To discover this new support and all the existing support we have, simply select your subject below:

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Religious Studies



What the research tells us about powerful questions for effective learning

Tim Oates, ARD Group Director, Cambridge Assessment shares his thoughts on learning loss and learning recovery.

CEM - Centre for Evaluation and MonitoringBaseline diagnostic assessments

We recommend the Cambridge CEM baseline assessments that offer a quick, diagnostic, computer-based adaptive assessments. Although, not subject-specific, the assessments are invaluable after a break from schooling or a change in teaching style to help focus students' learning pathways. 

The assessments:

  • Help you to diagnose learning gaps or current learning aptitudes and are vital to quickly getting your students off on the best track when they return to school.
  • Give an objective view of your students’ strengths and abilities in key areas, helping you shape your teaching to meet their learning needs.
  • Allow you quick access to data through assessments around skills and aptitudes – even if your students are still learning from home.
  • Help schools target resources and guide curriculum and instruction.

CEM - Baseline Diagnostic Assessments

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