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Supporting you through 2020-2021
Total Maths - December

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the December edition of Total Maths.

Well done, we’re almost at the end of 2020… We hope that the final few weeks of term go as well as possible for you; we’ll be in 2021 before we know it.

Question papers from the autumn 2020 series are now published on Interchange for you to use as mocks. Mark schemes should also be up soon, keep an eye on @OCR_Maths for the latest news and updates. Please keep these secure.

Results days for the series are 16/17 December (for AS, A Level and Core Maths qualifications) and 13/14 January (for GCSE (9-1) Mathematics). For AS, A Level and Core Maths, reports will not show in Active Results. This is due to the low number of entries making data less statically significant and comparisons less meaningful. Active Results will be available as normal on this results day for general use and for analysis of previous series as appropriate.

Today the DfE announced that there will be further measures for students sitting exams in 2021. As soon as details of how this may affect maths qualifications is confirmed, we’ll let you know.

As ever, if there is any further support that we can provide for you in the current period then please contact us. Our role is to support you as you deliver our qualifications

Neil, Steven, Ruth and Caroline -  your Maths Subject Advisors ☃️
01223 553998

FREE training for 2020-2021
Professional Development webinars

Many of our Professional Development webinars continue to be available to you completely FREE of charge.

If you’ve not attended one before, we'd certainly recommend booking yourself a place. Sessions coming up early in the new year are below.

  • Wed 13 Jan – Exam preparation and review of June 2019 A level Further Maths A Mechanics (Y543)
  • Wed 20 Jan – Exam preparation and review of June 2019 A level Further Maths A Statistics (Y542)
  • Tue 26 Jan – Mark Schemes and marking training for GCSE (9-1) Mathematics
  • Thu 28 Jan – Exam preparation and review of June 2019 A level Further Maths A Pure (Y540/ Y541)
  • Tue 02 Feb – An introduction to GCSE (9-1) Mathematics
  • Thu 04 Feb – Exam preparation and review of June 2019 A level Further Maths A Discrete (Y544)

On Tue 19 Jan we also have GCSE (9-1) Mathematics ‘How to reengage disengaged students’ training, though there is a charge for that course.

All our training for the foreseeable future will be held online, offering the same high-quality training as our face-to-face training.

View upcoming Professional Development

GCSE (9-1) Mathematics – New Check In tests

You’ve told us our Check In tests are really useful resources that are greatly appreciated, so we’ve been busy making more for you.

You can download individual tests, or zip folders containing all currently published Check In tests for Initial, Foundation and Higher learning.

GCSE Mathematics student and teacher

New Check In tests for Foundation tier are...

  • 2.04 Ordering fractions, decimals and percentages,
  • 7.01 Graphs of equations and functions.

New Check In tests for Higher tier are...

  • 2.04 Ordering fractions, decimals and percentages,
  • 5.01 Calculations with ratio,
  • 7.01 Graphs of equations and functions,
  • 8.06 Three-dimensional shapes,
  • 10.02 Perimeter calculations.

Keep a watch on @OCR_Maths for more coming your way soon.

GCSE (9-1) Maths Check In tests

Level 3 FSMQ Additional Mathematics – New mapping guide with GCSE
Maths student in the classroom

To help you see the how the content for Level 3 FSMQ Additional Mathematics builds on GCSE (9-1) Mathematics content, we’ve just published a new mapping guide.

The mapping guide sets out in one column the FSMQ content that is assumed knowledge from GCSE (9–1) Maths, then in a second column has the additional FSMQ content required.

This enables you to clearly see which FSMQ content students should be familiar with from GCSE lessons and which content will be new to them.

FSMQ mapping guide

Materials for mock exams

We’re keeping our 2019 materials secure on Interchange for longer so that everyone can continue to use them. Please do the same and keep them secure.

  • Materials from the summer 2019 series (and the November 2019 GCSE series) will remain only available securely until April 2021.
  • Question papers from the autumn 2020 series are now available and will remain only available securely until December 2021.

See our past paper schedule page for more.

Maths materials

Also available for use as mock assessments are our Alternative Papers for GCSE (9-1) Maths as well as practice papers for GCSE, FSMQ and AS/A Level Maths and Further Maths. Download these from the ‘Assessment’ area of each qualification webpage. Core Maths practice papers are hosted on the MEI Integral website.

Past paper schedule

November 2019 questions now in ExamBuilder
Maths mock exams - students in classroom

The November 2019 GCSE (9-1) Maths questions have now been added to ExamBuilder.

ExamBuilder is our free to use custom question paper builder. It allows you to create bespoke topic tests, homeworks or full mock assessments to suit your students' needs.

Find out more and sign up today.

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We're recruiting for a Maths Product Manager

Would you like to help shape the future of maths education?

Do you have a background in maths and are interested in working in a product management team?

You can now apply to join us as a Maths Product Manager.

The closing date is Wednesday 9 December.

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