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Total Maths - March Newsletter
Total Maths
Welcome to the March edition of Total Maths

We hope you enjoyed the half-term break. To help support you in the classrooms Total Maths is here with the latest qualification news and updates.

Steven’s latest blog looks at algebra in the transition from GCSE to A Level and is well worth a read, particularly if you’re planning on coming along to one of our free Teacher Networks this term.

If you have students planning to study medicine or dentistry at university it would be great to get your feedback via a short surveyCambridge Assessment Admissions Testing develop and administer the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT). They are looking to improve their understanding of what support you need for students applying to study these subjects. 

If you have any questions or feedback, then please contact us. Our role is to support you as you deliver our qualifications.

Neil, Ruth, Caroline and Steven - your Maths Subject Advisors

New resources for AS and A Level Maths A
AS and A Level Maths resources

We’ve added more questions to our AS Maths A (H230) Check In tests. Download the zip folder ‘Section Check Ins for AS and Stage 1’ now from the AS Maths A ‘Planning and teaching’ page, within ‘Section Check In tests’.

For A Level Maths A (H240) we’ve created a set of formative assessments that you can use with students.

This set of question papers has been created from previous questions paper material, but adapted to meet the demand and requirements of the current A Level Maths A. Mark Schemes are included. Download them now from the A Level Maths A ‘Planning and teaching’ page, within ‘Teacher guides’.

Download now

New resources for AS & A Level Maths B (MEI)

For AS and A Level Maths B (MEI) (H630 and H640) we’ve just published notes on Large Data Sets 3 & 4.

The guides provides a general outline of the Large Data Set requirements, including some notes on interesting features of the sets and links to useful resources.

Download them now from the Maths B (MEI) ‘Planning and teaching’ page, within ‘Teacher guides’.

AS and A Level Maths B resources

Large Data Set 3 will be used for assessments in AS Maths B (MEI) in summer 2020 and A Level Maths B (MEI) in summer 2021.

Large Data Set 4 will be used for assessments in AS Maths B (MEI) in summer 2021 and A Level Maths B (MEI) in summer 2022.

You can also read our blog about the MEI Large Data Sets by Keith Proffitt.

Download now

Pre-release materials for Core Maths
Pre-release materials for Core Maths

Pre-release material for the Core Maths A (H868) and Core Maths B (H869) qualifications will be published on Interchange on 15 March. For more information please see our Subject Information Update.

The AMSP is also running a free webinar focusing on the pre-release materials on Wednesday 18 March, 16:00 - 17:30.

Read Subject Information Update

Free AMSP resources for Core Maths

Are you looking for free resources for your Core Maths class?

The AMSP have a comprehensive collection of lesson plans with associated student sheets and other materials.

The resources include interactive home study materials and auto-marked assessments, to help with tracking and monitoring.

AMSP resources

Simply register on the AMSP website to access these great resources.

Register for free resources

Join us for a Teacher Network this term
Maths Teacher Networks

Our regional Teacher Networks began last month, but the Manchester, Nottingham, Southampton and Birmingham Teacher Networks are still to come.

We’ll focus on teaching algebra in the transition from GCSE to A Level. Many students struggle with this content, so how can we best equip students to deal with question on this topic?

You’ll also be able to network with other teachers from your local area, so come along with your best teaching ideas and favourite resources.

They’re completely FREE to attend, so book yourself a place and we’ll see you there.

View upcoming Teacher Networks

Upcoming conference and events

Are you heading out to any upcoming conferences?

We’ll be the PiXL Maths Conference (London, 11 March) and the La Salle Conference (Manchester, 14 March) in the next few weeks.

If you’re going, make sure you head over to our stand to speak to us about qualifications, teaching ideas or anything regarding maths. There might be a few freebies avaliable too...

Upcoming events