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Welcome to the June 2018 edition of Total Maths

With the summer assessment series now done, please read on for the latest information ready for the summer and beyond. If you have any questions or feedback, then please contact us.

We’re here to support you as you prepare to teach and deliver our qualifications.
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Summer 2018 assessments
Summer 2018 assessments

All question papers from the summer 2018 series are now available securely via OCR Interchange. 2018 AS Maths and AS Further Maths draft mark schemes have also now been published.

Mark schemes and examiners’ reports for other qualifications will be available later in the summer.

Please do ensure that these are all kept secure so others can use them as mock assessments through the upcoming year.

If you would like to know more about how we mark and grade exams, about online marking and our quality checks on marking, take a look at our Explaining Examining page.

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AS & A level practice papers

Complete sets of Practice Papers for all of our new AS & A level Maths and Further Maths qualifications are now available securely.

For A level Maths and AS Further Maths, two complete sets are available. As with the 2018 assessment materials, please, do keep these secure so all can use them as mock assessments.  

AS/A Level Practice Papers

Additional sets of papers are now being prepared for release in the autumn of 2018. Read our Practice Paper news article for more information.

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New AS & A level resources
New A/AS level resources

Our Model 1 and Model 2 Teaching Order Frameworks help you develop schemes of work to deliver the new AS and A Levels in Maths A and  Further Maths A in parallel. We’ve recently updated these resources to include links to the Delivery Guides.

New Section Check In tests for Maths A and Further Maths A can be downloaded from the qualification webpages.

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New GCSE resources

We’ve begun updating the resource links in our Curriculum Planners. The updated Year 9 curriculum planner is available now from the ‘Planning’ section.

Several new Higher tier Check In tests have been published recently. 8.05 (Circles), 9.04 (Similarity) and 11.02 (Combined events and probability diagrams) can be downloaded now.

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New GCSE resources
End of year CPD
End of year CPD Hub

We have a number of webinars taking place before the end of the academic year that you can book onto now via the links below.

We’re currently putting together our resource and CPD plans for the 2018/2019 academic year. If there’s anything you’d really like to see us produce, let us know via, 01223 553998 or @OCR_Maths

AS/A Level Maths A & Maths B (MEI) 2018 Assessement Review - July 5

GCSE Q&A - July 5

AS/A Level Further Maths A  2018 Assessment Review - July 11

AS/A Level Further Maths B (MEI) 2019 Assessment Review - July 18

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RME recruiting schools for maths support trials

RME are currently recruiting comprehensive schools for a two-year maths support trial starting September 2018, with Year 7 teachers.

More information and contact details for any queries are available from RME . If you’re interested, please complete their form by the end of the summer term.

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