Update 30 August 2022

We are continuing to work with a small number of schools and colleges on complex cases where the necessary information to confirm student results is not currently available. Where we receive that information, we swiftly issue any outstanding results.

We and the schools and colleges concerned are very aware of the urgency for any final student cases, and we are liaising closely with UCAS and with individual universities.

Update 26 August 2022

We are continuing to work with a small number of centres – concerning up to 200 results for students with potential higher education progression needs - to help those schools and colleges to establish if they can provide additional information that would enable eligible students to receive qualifications. As we receive that information, we will issue any outstanding results.

Where we know that students with higher education progression needs have met the criteria for a Cambridge Technicals qualification, we have now issued all results. Since results day, we have issued over 1,400 results for students with higher education or equivalent progression needs. Our team is ready to rapidly process and release further results, should additional information or cases emerge. In total we have issued over 3,600 additional results since results day.

Thank you to everyone – from schools and colleges to students and parents – who has helped deliver results and support students’ progression.

We are very sorry for the additional stress to students over the past week, and are continuing to support individual students in contacting universities. Universities are highly supportive and understanding of students experiencing delays in receiving their results and are holding places until at least 31 August.

For students, schools and colleges looking for further advice or support, including with contacting universities, please email us at support@ocr.org.uk or call 01223 553998 (8am to 5pm).

We'll keep this page updated with further news about delays to Cambridge Technicals results.

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For help with Cambridge Technicals, please contact support@ocr.org.uk.